10 business ideas for Npower Volunteers With NpowerNG Solutions | Npower Business


10 business ideas for Npower Volunteers by NpowerNG Solutions | Npower Business

Npower Business

Npower Business – 10 business ideas you can implement with Npower monthly stipend

To be honest with you: one can hardly achive anything with the #30,000 monthly stipend of Npower Programme, if you’re not specially gifted in financial prudence and management.


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10 business ideas for Npower Volunteers by NpowerNG Solutions | Npower Business

A highly business-minded person can achive something remarkable with something lesser than that.


Npower Business

It’s already 5 months into the programme.

The salaries have fallen by five months, although some volunteers have not received any due to a bug in their npvn portal.

Today we will show you some great ways to get the results from the monthly scholarship.

Do you know why the government calls it a scholarship? Because it is designed to complement your efforts, and you are not even expected to rely on it.

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However, here are some of the business ideas and how to invest your npower stipend

1) Organise co-operative among trusted friends who are also volunteers in your LG or PPA

In our area here in the state of Osun, some npower volunteers have joined forces to get involved and to commit one of the group members on a rotational basis.

Thats how it works …

The cooperative consists of only 6 npower volunteers.

The six volunteers are those who are consistent in their monthly fellowship.

They consist of those who are adequately familiar with trust.

Each member of the group commits # 10,000 monthly to the one who has selected a particular serial number that is randomly selected.

Each member of the group therefore collects $ 60,000 a month until it circulates through all six members of the cooperative.

So you know what to do with 60k at the end of the month.

Also you can do the same if you are close to you trustworthy persons who are volunteers of npower and have a constant payment.

WArning :

Don’t implement this idea with someone you’ve never trusted or seen.

Think about that!

2) Recharge card printing machine

There are card printers that look like POS machines. You may think that the world has gone digital, YES, that is true.

But many Nigerians still buy tickets around you. Everyone trust or do not believe that the online broadcasting time is new.

When you buy this device, you get a code / pin, and you begin to print and make sales. If you believe that sellers polarize the business, remember to reduce your own price. Two Naira reduction you will have the upper hand over others.

Look around in your area and you will find a gas station that sells more than Total or another gas station in Nigeria.

What is the secret of the petrol station? You can use this secret to make your competitors go crazy while you make cool sales.

3) Online recharge card sales

In close connection with the number 2 point is online ticket sales. There are many of them out there.

For example, ClubKonnect sells online cards. And our results show that it is one of the cheapest in the country.

And the good thing: clubkonnect means agents who are willing to buy in large amounts at reduced prices.

Please note that you are not required to purchase from a certain dealer to use your instinct.

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4) Start a blog

We have many great writers among the npower volunteers, but some of them have not really been able to tap their own potentials.

Blogging is not a profession that brings you money right away, but if you can write original and great content, you can monetize your blog to earn money with Google Adsense.


I’m sure you can start with your blog when you plunge into a big niche.
Are you a great author who wants to make it a profession by blogging? NpowerNG Solutions will help you free of charge. And you pass through as you get a FREE

This may take some time, but after the end of the Npower program you would leave something behind.

5) Join a reputable on-line Multi Level Marketing Company

There are more than a hundredths of MLM online, but one that has met their promises since the beginning in Nigeria is Helping Hands International H2i.
Laptops, cars were distributed to members across the country.

However, it is expected that a new member will bring two people together, the two of whom will bring two people.
It goes on and on until you climb to the stage where you will be compensated.
Inform yourself or ask us here.

For any new member who intends to sign up, here are some of the *benefits*you’ll be getting:

1) 24/7 support

2) Give you a platform on our website to market your h2i strategies

3) Or help you design a free blog, either WordPress or Blogspot ,for you to promote your h2i right away if you are good at writing short tips, and I’ll teach you how to post on the blog

4) Teach you how to get downlines, I don’t just leave my new members

5) Teach you how to transfer or sell your dollars in your ewallet whenever you need

So much more.

*H2i*…. *touching lives*
Or call 07060847718 for details

6) Palm oil business.

Buy when it’s cheaper between February to July/August and sell at great price between September-January. Ask for the price in your area.There was a time, sometimes in 2016 when a 5-litre of palm oil was selling for #4,000 and above.

7) Food stuff packaging and sales.

This will work for npower volunteers posted to schools, there markets will the teachers.

8) Learn something /Self development

Think of one thing you love, learn it. It could be a professional programme to build your CV before the end of the programme.

You can empower yourself!

9) Tutorial Class

Despite the digital stage, some people earn fine from tutorial, if the environment is suita le for it. Tutorial doesn’t work in all environment, we urge you to study your environment before you embark on this.

10) Check your environment to know the hot daily needs on inhabitants and monetize it.

If you invest cautiously with the npower monthly scholarship, you can at least make something tangible out of the program until you get a better job.

And if you could not get a better deal by the end of the program, your investment and your implemented business ideas would be different.

If you want more explanation or implement one of our proposed business ideas via ASK US!

Or do you have a contribution to make this article better? Then let us know your opinion.

There you have it on this 10 business ideas for Npower Volunteers by NpowerNG Solutions | Npower Business. I hope you found this piece of articles helpful if yes. Kindly share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter Google + and More


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