Glo Data Plan For Android, iPhone & Blackberry 2017 Codes


Glo Data Plan – Here are the subscription codes for Glo Data Plan For Android, iPhone & Blackberry 2017 Codes. 

If you’re looking for cheap internet subscription for your device , then you should serious consider subscribing for the new Glo data plans . Why? because it is currently the cheapest internet package in Nigeria ; far cheaper than than of Etisalat , Airtel and MTN.  Imagine getting 3.2GB data for @1,000 , or 12GB data for just #3,000!!! Isn’t that insane? See the screenshot below:
In this article , we’re going to take a look at the newly revised Glo data Plans , how much they cost, their subscription codes and how to check data balance on glo.


Glo recently rolled out 4G LTE network across Nigeria and they introduced special data plans for  this. Here’s how to subscribe to the new Glo 4G Data plans 
Dial *777# and follow the prompt. To check your balance , dial *127*0#
  • #500 gets you 1.6GB data valid for 7 days
  • #1,000 gets 3.2GB data valid for 30 days.
  • #2,000 gets 7.5GB data valid for 30 days
  • #2,500 gets 10GB data valid for 30 days
  • #3,000 gets 12GB data valid for 30days
  • #4,000 gets 18GB valid for 30days
  • #5,000 gets 24GB valid for 30days
  • #8,000 gets 48GB valid for 30days
  • #15,000 gets 60GB valid for 30days
  • #18,000 gets 90GB valid for 30days.
To subscribe for any of the plans above , dial *777# and follow the prompt.
Please note that the 4G network is not yet available in all locations. Here’s a screenshot showing the network coverage. Dial *777# to see more :

Glo Data Plan For Android , iPhone & Blackberry 2017 Codes

The data bundles below works perfectly well on Androids , iPhone and Laptops. In terms of pricing , the cheapest glo data plan is #50 for 30mb data , while the most expensive is #18,000 for 90GB data.

Glo Daily Data Plans

This data plan is for people who just want to access the internet for a short while or have a quick chat with a friend. If you’re an heavy internet user , then i will not advise you to subscribe to this plan as it expires quickly.
  • 30MB for #50 – valid for 24hours – Dial *127*14# to subscribe.
  • 60MB for #100 – valid for 24hours – Dial *127*51# to subscribe.
  • 200MB for #200 – Valid for 120hours (5 days) – Dial *127*56# to subscribe.

Glo Weekly Data Plans

This plan is for people who don’t have enough money to subscribe for the #1,000 3.2GB data plan. Glo is offering 1.6GB worth of data for just #500 , valid for only 7days.
  • 1.6GB for #500 – Valid for 7days – Dial *127*57# to subscribe.

Glo Monthly Data Plans

Glo monthly package is for heavy interent users who love to stream videos , browse , chat and do a lot of things on the internet. Glo monthly plans are the cheapest in Nigeria , and the validity period is 30 days.
  • 3.2GB for #1,000 – valid for 30days – Dial *127*53# to subscribe.
  • 7.5GB for #2,000 – valid for 30days – Dial *127*55# to subscribe.
  • 10GB for #2,500 – Valid for 30days – Dial *127*58# to subscribe.
  • 12GB for #3,000 – valid for 30days – Dial *127*54# to subscribe.
  • 18GB for #4,000 – valid for 30days – Dial *127*59# to subscribe.
  • 24GB for #5,000 – Valid for 30days – Dial *127*2# to subscribe.
  • 48GB for #8,000 – Valid for 30days – Dial *127*1# to subscribe.
  • 60GB for #15,000 – Valid for 30days – Dial *127*12# to subscribe.
  • 90GB for #18,000 – Valid for 30days – Dial *127*13# to subscribe.

Glo Night and Weekend Plans

  • 1GB for #200 – Valid for 1 Night (12am – 5am)  – Dial *127*60# to subscribe.

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