How to easily fix custom binary lock blocked by frp lock on Samsung devices

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How to easily fix custom binary lock blocked by frp lock on Samsung devices
 This normally happens on Samsung devices thatruns on Android 5.1 Lollipop and above when you install a custom binary. When unlocking a phone to use all network, sometimes we flash some custom binaries on the phone which can trigger this this annoying message and also the phone will not boot. 
The following tutorial below will show you how to fix this problem in just few easy steps.
Download and install Samsung usb drivers from here
Download Miracle box from here
Put your Samsung device into download modeby holding the button combination below
Volume down + Home + Power button for about
3 secs 
When you see the Triangle, press volume up to
enter download mode
Now connect device to PC with USB cord
Launch Miracle Box
Select Samsung tab and click SCAN button
you will see something like COM35(SAMSUNG
Mobile USB Modem)
under mode, select Download and click GO
Now select Reset frp from the menu list below
and click Start Button
Wait for the process to complete (takes about 5

When you see All Done, know that the process
is complete
The phone will reboot to normal
When the phone boots up normal,
Go to setting
Enter About and tap B uild Number 7 times to
enable developers option
Go back to settings and open developers option
Turn on developers option
then scroll down and turn on OEM Unlock
When the pop up “Allow OEM Unlocking”
appears, Select TURN ON an input device
When it’s done reboot the device
Thats all you can now enjoy your device without
fear of locking out again
Hope this helps

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