Hyundai DAC ICO Is The Next Best Thing


Hyundai DAC ICO Is The Next Best Thing!

Hyundai DAC ICO – The Initial Coin Offering ecosystem has seen a beehive of activities in recent times. With Bitcoin making new all-time highs and gaining popularity and acceptance by many high net-worth individuals, institutional investors and even government, the ICO world has also benefitted from the success of Bitcoin indirectly, since even Bitcoin and Ethereum were once in the ICO stages.
With each passing day, different ICO’s get announced, even though some are a mere pump and dump schemes, it is always worth investing in ICO’s since they come at a very cheap offering.

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About Hyundai DAC Initial Coin Offering

Hdac ICO is based on the Blockchain technology and backed by the technology and automobile manufacturing company-Hyundai.
Hdac is looking to create a platform that would enable IoT devices to communicate with themselves, handling identity, payment processing and data storage.
IoT is an acronym for the Internet of things. IoT is the network of physical devices, home gadget, vehicles and other things that could be embedded with sensors and network connectivity which will make the objects be able to exchange data freely. IoT devices are smart devices that increase efficiency, accuracy and minimal human intervention.
Hdac will develop a platform based on a multichain, capable of handling all processes required of an IoT platform as well as gateways to Bitcoin and Ethereum to carry out payment transactions.
According to the Hdac team, one area they are looking to integrate the Hdac technology would be car rental s at the airport. The Hdac will be used to eliminate paperwork and queues users encounter while trying to rent a car at the airport. The Hdac will establish a secure connection between the customer’s phone and the vehicle and get it unlocked automatically.

Important Hdac ICO Information

The Hdac ICO begins on November 27, 2017, and will run till December 22, 2017. A total of 840 million out of 12 billion Hyundai DAC tokens are up for grabs during the main ICO, which is about 7% of the Hdac supply. The Hdac main ICO is expecting to raise 6,000 Bitcoin at the conversion rate of 0.1BTC = 1,800 Hdac. All contributors to the Hdac ICO will be allocated tokens. All information about the release and transfer of the Dac tokens would be published on the Hdac website on

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