The 10 Top Ways To Use Your USB OTG Cable

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I said USB On-The-Go, USB OTG is one important innovation in Mobile development All new smartphone USB OTG help us to show the Top 10 ways to use the USB cable OTG that you probably do not know.

The 10 Top Ways To Use Your USB OTG Cable

USB OTG which means USB On-the-Go devices to act as host to allow other devices to be connected. It is regularly used to extend the device’s operation. USB cable can transfer a file from one smartphone to pendrive. However, OTG Cable can do more than just transfer files? Below are the Top 10 things to do with the USB OTB take control over what is listed in this post.
1. It Can Be Used To Charge Another Android
Many people know, and some are unaware of using the OTG cable to charge a device, many Android users want to use this as it will help them get their electrical charge by phone good battery. This will be a very useful method if you need to charge the device in an emergency.
2. Connect a Game Controller
Game Lover would love it feel to pierce play your shot Games in Android using OTG Cable plug in the game controller to Android and play the game. Many Games produced nowadays support out gamepad, and you can connect an external game controller device using the OTG cable.
3. Connect a Portable Hard Drive
With Ust OTG, can connect to external storage or portable hard drive. Just what you need to do is to connect the OTG cable to the external storage device. After the connection is established, you can access files on external storage device easy, and transfer them if you
4. Connect Keyboard and Mouse
If there are people who use their Android phone to write the document and many more like Circle of Android device! Then you can use the OTG cable to connect Keyboard and Mouse that will make you play fast and comfortable.
5. Connecting LAN cable
You can also use OTG cable to connect to any LAN network to enjoy the broadband internet in your Mobile directly.
6. Connect a camera
You can use the OTG cable to connect the camera to your Android device to get a picture taken with the camera without the need to transfer to a computer prior to transfer to the device before you share with friends on media. It will save you time and stress.
7. Print Saved Documents in Android Phone
Send your document from Android to the printer with the help PrintShare app will automatically download drivers for USB printers on the Android smartphone. With the help of OTG cable, you can also play with the Android device to print the document directly.
8. Create Music On Android
Music lover this is for you not to know that almost every modern instruments such as guitars, keyboards, can be directly connected to PCs via the MIDI standard. Now, with USB OTG, you can include all the equipment with Android devices.

9. Connect Ethernet
You can use the send Internet commonly known as Ethernet devices directly support OTG cable? So, connecting Ethernet using OTG will turn very useful if you do not have access to a WiFi or mobile data.
10. Recording Audio with external Microphone
Well, youtubers will be important. As you can use an external microphone to record voice on Android. Users can connect the external microphone for Android using the OTG cable and can record it.
So, these are a few lesser known use of a USB cable OTG! If we missed a sign and then let us know in the comment section below. I hope you like the post! Share it with your friends.

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